IKELITE FL 8″ Dome Kit für Objektive bis zu 5.1 Inch

IKELITE FL 8" Dome Kit für Objektive bis zu  5.1 Inch
IKELITE FL 8" Dome Kit für Objektive bis zu  5.1 Inch

5510.45 Modular 8-inch Dome
5510.28 Lens Extension

Preis: 545,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

IKELITE FL 8 inch Dome Kit for Lenses Up To 5.1 Inches

IKELITE FL 8 inch Dome Kit for Lenses Up To 5.1 Inches
IKELITE 5511.5 Modular 8-inch Dome Kit Includes Dome + Lens Extension

5510.45 Modular 8-inch Dome
5510.28 Lens Extension

Preis: 640,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

D&D Service Unterwasser Gehäuse

D&D Service Unterwasser Gehäuse
D&D Service Unterwasser Gehäuse

1) Gehäuse reinigen
2) O-Ringe Ölen und einfetten
3) Funktionstest

Benötigte Ersatzteile und O-Ringe werden getrennt verrechnet, Kostenvoranschlag wird erstellt

Preis: 40,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

D&D Pro Aluminium Gehäuse A6500 für die SONY A6500

D&D Pro Aluminium Gehäuse A6500 für die SONY A6500

D&D Pro Aluminium Gehäuse A6500 für die SONY A6500

Neuestes Flagschiff Aluminium Gehäuse für die hervorragende SONY A6500
Alle Funktionen sind Unterwasser zu bedienen, 67mm Frontgewinde für Filter und Konverter. D&D Wechselport. 2 x Slave Kabel Blitzanschluß (Sea&Sea), Diffuser, 3 x Stativgewinde, Hot Shoe Adapter und 100 meter wasserdicht. Absolute Empfehlung in dieser Preisklasse.

Optional Umbau für Sony SEL 10-18 mit Zoom Funktion und Domeport

■ D&D Pro Aluminium Gehäuse A6500
■ Depth Rating 100m
■ All Silicone double O-ring
■ extrem Robust
■ includes: Manual, Handstrap, Spare O-ring, Silicon Grease

[Feature Highlights]
■ Dual Fiber optical direct plug-in
■ Hotshoe base for additional accessories
■ Built-in 67mm threaded port for various lens and filters

Abmessung: 155 (B) x 110 (H) x 115 (T) mm
Gewicht: 1120 Gramm

1 x D&D Pro Alu Gehäuse A6500
1 x Replace O-Ring
1 x Silikon Grease
5 x Silikat Pad

Optional: Umbau für 125mm Domeport, Extension Ring, Vacuum Check

Preis: ab 990,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

SEA&SEA YS-03 Unterwasser Blitzgerät

SEA&SEA YS-03 Unterwasser Blitzgerät
SEA&SEA YS-03 Unterwasser Blitzgerät

Kleines Slave TTL Blitzgerät Set von Sea&Sea. Externes Blitzgerät für jede Digitalkamera über internen Kamerablitz gesteuert.

[Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] 20
[Beam Angle] 100°x 100° (with diffuser 110°x110°)
[Batteries] 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
[Number of Flashes] A: 230 Ni-MH: 330
[Recycle time (full)] A: 3.1 sec. Ni-MH: 2.5 sec.
[Color temperature] 5600K
[Color temperature w/diffuser] 5250K
[Depth rating] 75m / 250ft
[Dimensions (WxHxD)] 68x108x129mm / 2.7×4.3×5.2inches
[Weight] : 430g / 15.0oz (w/o batteries) * Fixing bolt fitted
[Underwater weight] : Approx. +10g / 0.4oz(w/ batteries)

– Exposure control: Slave TTL
– Slave function
– Auto power OFF function
– Sync cord: Fiber-Optic Cable
– Over-pressure relief valve


Sea&Sea YS-03 Blitzgerät

Preis: 260,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

ISOTTA GH5 Unterwassergehäuse für die Panasonic GH5

ISOTTA GH5 Unterwassergehäuse für die Panasonic GH5
ISOTTA GH5 Gehäuse für Panasonic GH5

For over 40 years in the production of equipment for underwater video, photography and lighting, Isotecnic company has always offered its customers cutting edge products and equipment and Made in Italy. Continuous research of new technologies, explore new forms and interest in the user’s needs have made it capable of creating a product line that manages to satisfy various needs of a diver. Ever active in research and listen to the needs of its customers, the Isotecnic staff is at your disposal and thanked those who, over the past four decades together, has chosen our products as constant dive buddies.

Comfort is the norm, security is a must, practicality is not an opinion.

With the Isotta housing for compact cameras the professional and the amateur will find how to satisfy their own creativity. 

The housing offers the opportunity to work with an external flash (even in TTL if is it compatible Canon) through the sleeve with syncro connector or via fiber optic cable for products that have this type of operation mode, and to use the camera flash by applying the supplied light diffuser. 

All controls are on the outside and the buttons, are designed for use even with gloves; the wheel makes faster the changing of the apertures; a best response to the actions of the buttons is ensured by four points of support, in plastic material, that stabilize better the machine. 

A red LED indicates humidity within the housing, the large porthole allows an optimum viewing of the display, the provided interchangeable porthole has a bayonet closing and secure with a lock to prevent accidental opening. The SLR technique in water. The case for SLR reflects all the basic features of technology and expertise that is behind this type of equipment.

The high quality standard the Isotta products offered to their holders, are confirmed in a housing that fits like an aluminium glove the machine which is dedicated, respecting the accuracy of the forms and the use of buttons, which are set out in its entirety outside. The double o-ring on all moving and removable parts ensure an optimal seal.

The Isotta housings at the service of the professional photographer and more.


2 years warranty

Marine Inox A4 / Aluminum anticorodal / Optical Glass…

Humidity detector

Double o-ring on all moving and removable parts (buttons, ports, doors…)

Unique lock system

– comes with: spare O-rings + grease + battery for humidity detector + front cap

– 2 optic fiber connection

– Anti-corrosion anodized aluminum body.

– Slide for the rapid insertion and extraction of the camera.

– Isotecnic closure knob assembly cap and body.

– All controls are on the outside and the symbols are identical to those of internal controls.

– Buttons designed for use even with gloves on.

– Double o-ring seal on each button, on the porthole, on the back and on all removable parts.

– Machine stability is also guaranteed under the pressure of the buttons, thanks to four points of plastic support, placed inside the front of the shell.

– Red LED for indicating the presence of moisture inside the housing, with end-user replaceable battery.

– Ports in bayonet with secure system.

– security lock system on sea&sea bayonet type port mount (you can use your sea&sea ports and domes)

– 2 handles withM8 + T-plate connector

– M6 screw mount under the housing

– M8 screw mount on the top of the housing

– all commands

– double O-rings on all removable parts (doors, ports, buttons…)



ISOTTA GH5 Gehäuse für Panasonic GH5

without Port !
Preis: ab 1.990,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand

AQUATICA AGH5 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH5

AQUATICA AGH5 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH5

AQUATICA AGH5 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH5

Buckle up, the future is here. Panasonic GH5 brings cinematic 4k video performance to your door step, with its Micro 4/3 lens mount, this camera benefits from a very large selection of lenses. In fact, an astounding array of lenses from Panasonic, Leica and Olympus, just to name a few, are offered in this lens mount. Add the fact that is has 4x times the resolution of HD, one can easily understand why the GH5 will stand out head and shoulder above its competitors. Video shot on Ultra HD 4K is razor sharp and needs to be experienced firsthand to be believed!

The Aquatica AGH5 housing is built with quality materials and craftsmanship, it is designed and 
machined with the Panasonic LUMIX DMC GH5 in mind from the onset. Taking full advantage of this camera extraordinary video capability was a top priority for our design team. All of the vital controls that require to be operated while shooting have been conveniently located so as not to restrict your creative flow. This housing is manufactured and carefully studied to insure that the controls are not only accessible, but also comfortable to use, in all kinds of diving conditions.

Even though the latch used on the GH5 is small and compact, we located it on the left hand side of the housing, allowing more room on the right hand side, and allowing us to position all the controls, right where you want and need them, especially the vital front dial/aperture control knob, which is located just below the extended shutter release lever, so in perfect reach of your right hand.

This view of the right hand side clearly demonstrate that, while being a compact housing, the controls do remain accessible, even when wearing thick cold water gloves. The shutter release, video record lever, aperture and shutter knobs, programmable AE/AF LOCK lever are all reachable with your right hand resting on the grip.

ISO Control:
ISO is a key control for video exposure, and our engineering team has put its access lever exactly at the right location, essentially putting it under your right thumb, this lever being at right place means you have 
quick access to this control, without removing your hand from the grip. On the left side, right above and forward of this non obstructive latch, one will find the zoom/focus control knob, it’s position allows it to be rotated with the tips of your fingers, it is setup with a silky smooth gearing ratio that will ensure a smooth transition when zooming or manually focusing a lens.

In order to contribute to the fluidity and stability required for shooting such high quality video 
as this camera is capable of delivering, we put all of our knowledge, experience and creativity 
in this AGH5 housing.

Comprehensive port system:
The AGH5 housing uses the already established 4/3 Micro series of ports and accessories; 
Aquatica is renowned for the quality of its optics and this is no exception to the rule, every lens 
supported by Aquatica is evaluated on an optical bench, and from the data gathered, we can 
determine the best port to use and, if required, the extension ring length that will match the 
optical center of the dome to that of the lens. This all important step is necessary if one wants to extract the maximum optical performance possible from a lens and port combination.

The 4/3 Micro series ports includes the dedicated 4”/100mm Fisheye dome port, the SW8 super wide angle dome port and two flat ports for macro lenses, along with port extensions, the port system will support all desirable Micro 4/3 lenses for underwater photography.

The system is further expanded with the addition of the upcoming 4/3 Micro series to DSLR port adapter. In essence, a step up adapter that will allow our regular DSLR ports to be mounted on the Aquatica 4/3 Micro series housings. Thus offering the Aquatica AGH4 the largest and finest selection of underwater ports in the industry. This port adapter also help integrate the 4/3 Micro series housing to existing DSLR system by sharing the existing ports

Viewfinder options: 
The AGH5 housing comes with our standard state of the art Galileo optic viewfinder. Our Aqua View 180 or Aqua View 45 finders can be installed, without any specialized tools, in a matter of minutes. Both of these are recognized as the best in the industry. These finder enhance your viewing experience, providing you with a clear sharp image of your camera finder that will be easier to critically focus and compose.

Camera protection:
Given the harsh environment associated with underwater photography, impeccable protection of your sophisticated camera equipment become paramount, multiple steps have been taken by Aquatica to address this. Every AGH5 housing is assembled and adjusted by hand, once completed, it undergoes a series of functional testing, the final step being the hydrostatic test, perform in a pressure tank filled with water and compressed to a 300ft/90m equivalent, only after going through this exhaustive series 
of test will the housing be signed off to be delivered. Fully aware that real life is not a controlled environment, we recently introduced the SURVEYOR moisture and vacuum sensor alarm, which comes as standard equipment on the AGH5 housing. The moisture detection feature remain on constant duty to inform you, by way of audible an visual signals, of any possible water entry, no 
matter how minute this one would be. 

The SURVEYOR circuit integrates a vacuum sensor, if one wish to take full advantage of this vacuum pressure option, then the simple addition of the accessory vacuum pump and pressure valve (19228) to the housing is all that is needed.

This option is also available as a preinstalled kit, which would tested at the factory by our own technicians prior to shipping or it can be purchased later and installed easily by the user. 

The Amphibico latch: 
This straightforward push, rotate and locking latch has been used on over 
10,000 Amphibico and Aquatica housing for decades now, it is simply the best 
in the industry. 

The Aquatica hand grips:
Handling the housing is done via a pair of the most comfortable hand grips in the industry, they are sturdy yet very lightweight, and offer mounting points that will handle the lighting system of your choice without the need for obstructive reinforcement brackets or supports. These grips are removable in less than a 
minutes with the supplied hexagonal wrench, making the storage footprint
space minimal.

Housing construction:
Like all current Aquatica housing currently made, the shell is milled from a solid block of 6061 T6 aeronautical grade aluminum, black anodized to a military specification and then, for further protection, a resistant polyester electrostatic powder coating is applied and baked on. This process ensures 
that your investment will last you a life time. 

Push buttons pins and control shafts are machined out of the finest grade of stainless steel, every component used in an Aquatica housing undergoes a series of stringent quality controls insuring that they respect our strict tolerance. 

Depth Rating:
90m/300ft (upgradeable to 130m/425ft) 
Height: 6’’ 
Depth: 3.75’’ 
Width: 7.140’’ (without grip attached)
With grips: 11.2’’ (with grips attached) 
Weight (with grips attached): To be determined 

Standard features
Quick removal camera tray
Ergonomically optimized for diving conditions 
Oversized knurled controls knobs 
Sturdy comfortable grips 
Extended shutter release 
Port lock mechanism 
Lens release mechanism 
Standard high quality Galileo optical eyepiece 
Dual sacrificial anodes (front and rear mounted)
Construction of shell
6061 T6 Marine Grade aluminum 
Anodized to MIL-A-8625 (type 2, Class 2 specification)
Powder coated with certified A.A.M.A. 2603-98 Polyester coating 
Baked at 177c/350F (specification ASTM D2794
Control shafts and push pins
Type 304 marine grade Stainless steel 
All shaft double sealed with double O-rings 
All push pins sealed with Quad Rings 
Mounting points for strobes arms, lighting fixtures and/or tripod
5 x ¼”-20 threaded holes on the top 
3 x ¼”-20 threaded holes on the bottom 

AQUATICA AGH5 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH5 (without Port)

Preis: ab 2.290,00 EUR inkl. 20 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand